JobMatters is an independent resource dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive work environment. We help individuals and corporations resolve work-related issues.

A healthy work relationship between you and your professional peers is critical to maintaining a positive work environment. Employees, Supervisors, Business Owners and Corporations often need to hear the perspective of an impartial third party in order to resolve work-related concerns. At JobMatters, we specialize in Employee Relations Management and Workplace Conflict Resolution and provide expert advice on how to cultivate and maintain a supportive office atmosphere.

JobMatters also offers an array of Human Resources services designed to assist both small business owners and larger corporations in meeting their human capital needs. For a free initial consultation, click on Contact Us.

I had the pleasure of working with Toni [founder of JobMatters] as outside counsel for a number of years.  She is an outstanding HR executive who possesses a rare combination of employee relations experience, skills and instincts.  I have conducted a number of internal investigations with Toni and each time came away impressed with her professionalism, attention to detail and substantive knowledge of employment law.  In addition, she possesses excellent people skills and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to gain and maintain the trust and respect of employees and management.  I would recommend Toni to anyone in need of sound, practical, and strategic HR consulting."  

Paul A. Mallos
Attorney, National Labor & Employment Law Firm
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