Company Background

Many companies today are outsourcing or consolidating support-service departments such as Human Resources, resulting in fewer on-site experts to handle employee concerns. As a result, Employees, Supervisors/Managers and Business Owners often find themselves without a dedicated resource to resolve work-related concerns.

JobMatters was established in 2010 to fill that void. JobMatters represents the fulfillment of founder Toni Young’s vision of providing individualized, impartial advice and support for employees and employers. Toni’s fundamental principle is that all interactions, whether initiated on behalf of the company or the individual, must follow simple but powerful ethical standards, combining integrity, respect, empathy and dignity for all parties. Toni’s extensive work history and broad HR experience have enabled her to bring these guiding principles to JobMatters, where she provides the best possible services and representation as an independent third party.

Toni Young has served as an Employee Relations consultant and mentor for corporations and individuals since 2003.











Who we serve


What we offer

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management Coaching
  • Employment Services
  • Benefits Design and Management
  • Compensation Management
  • HR Department Design
    and Start-up