What We Offer

JobMatters offers a variety of HR support services to non-union Employees, Supervisors, Business Owners and Corporations. We specialize in Employee Relations Management and Workplace Conflict Resolution and offer additional services including Executive and Managerial Coaching, Employment, Compensation Management, Benefits Design and Organizational Development. 


Do you have an issue at work or a work-related question you would feel more comfortable asking someone outside of your company?  JobMatters can answer your questions and help you identify your options. No question is too small or trivial. From wondering what workplace rights you have related to taking a leave of absence to being comfortable asking your boss for a raise, we will serve as your advocate, providing sound, practical advice.

Supervisors/ Managers

In your job as Supervisor or Manager, you know that all workplace concerns are unique and that no two situations are ever 100% alike.  Managing people can be tough - even the most experienced Managers can be amazed at the complexity of employee concerns. JobMatters will work with you individually or collaborate with your company to address these concerns. We will serve as your one-on-one advisor and coach, whether you are wondering what to do when your employee approaches you about an inappropriate comment your boss made or developing a performance improvement plan for a direct report, we will provide expert counsel and guidance.

Business Owners/Corporations/HR

As a Business Owner, Corporation or HR Manager, you know that internal Employee Relations expertise is often hard to find, as most companies do not have Employment Attorneys on-staff. JobMatters will work with your business to develop an action plan addressing any workplace concerns. From analyzing the complexity of a situation to conducting a workplace investigation, JobMatters will serve as the Employee Relations Manager of your organization, providing you with sound judgment and feasible solutions.

Who we serve


What we offer

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management Coaching
  • Employment Services
  • Benefits Design and Management
  • Compensation Management
  • HR Department Design
    and Start-up